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Free Culture for a Free Society

Malcolm Wilson Multimedia or MWM is an independent studio that creates free content (alternately known as "free culture" or "free media") multimedia (graphics, sounds, music and so forth). When multimedia is free content, it grants you the freedoms to use, study, modify, and redistribute it without the threat of legal persecution. Multimedia by MWM is typically copylefted, meaning that although these freedoms are granted to you, they still must be preserved. When you modify or publicly redistribute multimedia made by us you have to re-release it under the same license we specified (if we do not specify a license it is not free content, and is probably used under fair use/dealing).

We focus on digital formats like PNG graphics, SVG vectors, MIDI sheet music and 3DM three-dimensional models, as well as lossless free formats and containers like FLAC, FFV1 and Matroska. MWM has created multimedia for Piga Software, the Chzo Mythos GNU/Linux Binaries, TechnoMage Computer Solutions and the Blood and Warren Zevon Wikis, and it can make some for you (either by request or by hiring Malcolm Wilson personally as a contractor)! Also, if you have a free content multimedia project we might be willing to bring you into the fold, offering hosting and assistance in the manner provided to our Symel and Space Rover efforts.

Malcolm Wilson Multimedia primarily specializes in converting multimedia from one format to the next, whether this is for technical reasons (such as conversions from MIDI, which can vary based on synthesizer, to consistent Ogg Vorbis format for example) or legal reasons (conversions from patented and proprietary MP3 format to free, and therefore compatible with free systems such as Fedora or Trisquel, formats like Ogg Vorbis or FLAC for example). MWM also has extensive experience in image and audio retouching, pixel and vector pushing and a humble but growing experience in video editing with Kdenlive and OpenShot. Though do not let this focus discourage you from contacting us for original work!

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In-studio projects:

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Organizations and collaborations:

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Billy Bear Donut Quest Windys Alexei Volkov Series Holiday Games Lamp Refugee

MWM has also composed two theme jingles:

Piga Software Theme: MIDI, Ogg Vorbis (2004)

Malcolm Wilson Multimedia Theme: MIDI, Ogg Vorbis (2006)

The theme jingles and site buttons are released under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3, as well as any later version of either license published by the Free Software Foundation.

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