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Get the Program!

The current release is at 1.1.0. You can read the ChangeLog to see what's new since the last version. Please, please read the README included with pydance, and the FAQ before asking any questions, especially if you want to know which adapter to buy.

NOTE! The game will not run without a song, and one is no longer included. You'll need to download one separately. The manual included with pydance will tell you where to put it.


Sometimes, these get out of sync with the official source releases. When that happens, just be patient; they'll get updated eventually. Once any of these packages are installed, you can run pydance with the command pydance.

At this time, version 1.1.0 is available only as source. If you are interested in testing pydance on your system and assembling a package for it, please contact us.


If you are using Debian, you can install pydance with apt-get install pydance, or via any of the APT graphical frontends. This will also download the songs below. The version in testing will generally be about a release behind the version in unstable.

Gentoo users can get pydance from portage, using emerge pyddr, most of the time. This package lags behind official releases irregularly.

Slackware users can use the source install, but we've made the dependencies available as Slackware 9 binary packages.

There are also some Mandrake RPMs available for download. Like the Gentoo packages, these are not always released with the new source package, and so may be out of date.

Users of other Unix platforms will have to use the source instead.

Mac OS X

This Mac OS X DMG requires you to have the Pygame "kitchen sink" install, and at least one of the song files below. Thanks to Brandon Bremen for this package.

pyDance-1.0.1.dmg 5,311,141 bytes No


Currently there is no up-to-date package of pydance for Windows. However, you can save yourself some headaches by using binary packages for Python and Pygame, along with the source. Since pydance is written in Python, you will not need to build or compile it.

Source Code

If you're interested in working on pydance, or there isn't a package for your operating system, you can use these files.

Download pydance
pydance-1.1.0.tar.gz 8.6MB TBA 8.9MB TBA

DDR Mat Driver

This is a driver for the Linux kernel that lets you use parallel port Playstation joystick adapters. It's only for Linux, and only for parallel adapters, not USB. It's a replacement for the stock gamecon.o driver.

Thanks to work by Peter Nelson, this driver is not needed for Linux 2.6.11 or above. Development has stopped. We do not support it. It is a big pain. Buy a real USB adapter.

Download ddrmat.c
ddrmat-0.12.tar.gz 13,028 bytes B0EB C777


pydance needs songs to run. Here are some free ones. These are in the Ogg Vorbis format. Note that you need all files here for each song. We also have a CD title available (put it in ~/.pydance/cdtitles/pydance.png).

Download Songs
NameOggSteps BackgroundBanner
Forkbomb (training song) forkbomb.ogg forkbomb-bg.jpg forkbomb-banner.png
6.January'2002 6jan.ogg 6jan-bg.jpg 6jan-banner.png
SynRG synrg.ogg synrg-bg.png No

DJ Themes

There is a Mr. T DJ theme that used to be distributed with pydance. It is not anymore, but you can still use it. Untar it under ~/.pydance/themes/dj.


pydance is developed using Subversion (SVN), a centralized multideveloper version control system. This helps us track changes to the pydance code, and coordinate development between multiple people at the same time, as well as let us have our "testing" code live on the Internet.

This is not recommended if you just want to play pydance. It's mostly for use if you want to help us test bug fixes or add new features.

To get pydance via Subversion, use:
svn co
which will download the latest version of the code. If you visit the exported repository you can also download specific (older) versions of pydance using Subversion.

To get the latest stable version of pydance, use:
svn co
This version should be stable, at least as stable as the last released version.